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Eliott Litrowski is a young French artist native from Paris, who has been collecting and playing music for over 10 years. His passion for collecting records and his unique way of DJing pushed him to play in a variety of clubs (Pulp, Rex Club, 75021, Concrete, About Blank, Harvey, Studio 672...) in cities around Europe like Berlin, Barcelona, Brussels, Cologne and Copenhagen. Litrowski started producing music during the end of his architecture studies and has kept at it ever since. His influences range from techno to disco, but his sound has mostly been shaped by Chicago house and extreme fitness. He likes to play and melt different kinds of music into one set, and always tries to create a fun, positive, and special connection with the crowd. For him, the most important thing is adapting good music and full-body workout moves into a good time for everyone. After releasing his first EP 'Confusion Totale' with Popcorn ltd records (which was a nod to the old Total Confusion parties in Cologne and his life at that time) Eliott came back with his 'Carjacking EP', featuring four tracks filled with melodic acid and italo disco sounds.

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