My Phunkster

Phunk - Future Hits & Rarities AIR FRANCE Radio Playlist #18 01/07/2011

01Foster the people - Pumped up Kicks - Sony Columbia
02Yan Wagner - Recession song - Kitsuné
03Metronomy - The Bay - Because
04Breakbot - Fantasy - Ed Banger
05Yelle - Safari Disco Club - Barclay
06Hot Natured - Forward Motion (ft Ali Love) - Hot Creations
07Hype Williams - Break4love - Hippos In Tanks
08Miles Kane - Come Closer - Columbia
09True Widow - Skull Eyes - Mexican Summer
10Husky Rescue - Fast Lane - Catskills Records
11Saul Williams - Dance - Columbia
12Slava - I Had
13Youandewan - Zeal - Disfigured Dubz
14Bass Clef - Rollercoasters of the Heart - Punch Drunk
15Justice - Civilization (demo) - Ed Banger
16Sebastian - Tetra - Ed Banger
17Instra : Mental - Waterfalls - Nonplus
18Bibio - K is for Kelson - Warp Records
19Eddie C - High on love - Karat
20Dorisburg - Mima - Aniara
21Cults - Walk at Night - Columbia
22The tradewinds - New York\'s a Lonely Town
23Sydney Valette - Frustration Onirique - DeBonton
24Black Devil Disco Club - To Ardent (ft Nancy Sinatra) - Lo Recordings / Alter k
25No Surrender - Falling Into You (ft Constanza) - ZerOkilled Music
26Arnaud Rebotini - Another Dictator - Blackstrobe Records
27Inner Life - I\'m caught up
28Lee Foss - U got me - Hot Creations
29MarkduMosch - Tonight - SDRec
30Sonnenstadt - Poem at the Shores - Airdrop Records
31Fern Kinney - Tonight (Channel 83 Edit)

Être à la pointe des tendances musicales en voyageant, c'est possible.

AIR FRANCE nous a proposé en 2008 un canal radio intitulé "Phunkster - future hits & rarities" sur les vols longs courrier...

Planant aux quatre coins du globe, vous pouvez ainsi savourer notre sélection bimestrielle de 2h, entre tendances à venir et pépites rares, entre pop futuriste et musique de danse mentale.

Programmation de Juillet - Aout 2011 à bord des avions.


Travelling in (musical) edginess is possible.

AIR FRANCE offered us in 2008 an onboard radio channel entitled "Phunkster - future hits & rarities" on long-haul flights...

Gliding around the globe, one can taste our bimestrial selection of forthcoming musical air-du-temps, 2 hours of futuristic indie and mental dancefloor peppered with occasional unsung classics and rarities.

Below our July - August 2011 playlist on long-haul Flights.