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Phunk Promotion is the main independent French P.R. agency dedicated to the musical ‘air du temps’.
Since our inception in january 1996, we have been in charge of numerous successful musical projects such as MGMT, Ed Banger Records (Justice, Busy P), Matthew Herbert, Miss Kittin & The Hacker, the “We Love Green” Festival and We Love Art parties, Nouvelle Vague, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Metro Area, Cults, a digital campaign for Cartier Love x AIR, but also the Electronic Village at MIDEM, Ritz Bar (inside Hotel Ritz Paris), Red Bull Music Academy, Columbia/Sony Music

Our agency has always distinguished itself by its curiosity and its appetite for novelty.

Phunk is covering all the media and information networks (press, radio, TV, Djs, Web and social networks) and can contribute developping a project from its inception thanks to our renowned expertise in counselling and media promotion, strategy, artistic development and communication.

We also provide sound design for Air France, Orange, the Drugstore Publicis (Champs-Elysées (Paris)…

Our clients are among the main actors of the French and international music scenes: independent and major labels, cultural institutions, festivals, trade shows, advertising/communication agencies, cultural contents producers (movies/video games), as well as brands willing to develop and make visible trendy musical projects.

► A bit of history

The agency went through several development phases.
After quite underground, electronic-music-focused beginnings in early 1996 around two founders Fabrice Desprez and Julien Lopato, the latter quickly moved on, and the arrival of Olivier Pilz in late 1997, then the 'limited company' status in late 1999 contributed to consolidate and professionalize the activity. Around 2004, we naturally opened the range of projects covered to more 'indie-pop' and alternative areas, which contributed to our current, quite large, musical 'air du temps' reputation and expertise. Then, Olivier Pilz' departure on spring 2011 (he is now artistic director of Club Silencio in Paris, designed by David Lynch) marked another development, with Fabrice Desprez now sole owner, and the company embracing always further the digital age in 2012 with the development of a a practical and effective digital promotion interface, constantly updating its international database so as to get in touch with the 150 trendsetting musical media on a global scale.

Thanks to its various partnerships with media and content managers, our agency has earned its solid and dependable reputation by initiating trends, prospecting for talent and above all targeting the right media : therefore, the agency turns out to be bond to a certain conception of musical quality, proposing relevant alternatives to the main challenges and issues in relation to current artistic projects development.

Phunk is based in Paris’s 18th arrondissement, at the core of the independent labels market (MILA). About 30 labels are concentrated in this area of artistic synergy, among which: Record Makers (Kavinsky, Sébastien Tellier), Kwaidan Records (Nouvelle Vague), Tricatel (Bertrand Burgalat), WARP / In Fine ; also surrounded by important companies such as EMI, Because Music, Ed Banger Records, PanEuropean…

In detail, our activity includes :

► A comprehensive professional contacts database

Our main activity is to manage and regulate information. Owing to a strict organization and an important professional database, we are able to take the most of its central position, interacting between artistic networks and media. Phunk’s database gathers those who matter in the music business, including over 5 000 contacts among French and international media and music professionals. Therefore, our agency can rely on a precise and effective tool to identify its targets and fulfil its aims.

► Digital tools and social media

Press releases

Phunk's database gathers over 2,000 media contacts in France, chosen and aimed to efficiently relay information by email.


10,000 sign ups in Paris/Ile-de-France, 30,000 sign ups in France, 35,000 sign ups worldwide: our opt-in diffusion list was started in 1997 and has been constantly improved and updated since then, used mainly by advertisers in the music and events businesses, but also by brands with suitable projects and contents. Used by (among others) : Because Music/Ed Banger, Red Bull Music Academy, Concrete & Weather Parties (Paris), We Love Art/We Love Green (Paris), Heineken Green Room Project, SFR Studio…


Mainly used as a B2B information source, our website contains all projects worked by the agency, past present and future. Phunkster became a reference, especially to the trendsetters, when it comes to trustworthy source of information or quality music. First-hand information, exclusive contents and game contests assure daily visits and regular sign ups that increase our database.

Facebook / Twitter

Throughout Facebook and Twitter (3,500+ followers) Phunk reaches French and international trendsetters into music and media, for instant and viral diffusion.

► Online

France : 1000 contacts

Each digital strategies are established respecting the projects specificity and particularity, targetting the most adapted media to the project's content, at each step of its development.
The database is constantly building, as we constantly seek the new influential actors in all relevant fields. With over 1,000 contacts, this wide database gathers underground blogs, referenced music and cultural web sites and platforms of music diffusion, besides the offline media’s websites.

Online publications can materialize through written articles, audio-visual contents (live, remix, podcasts), interviews or exclusive sessions released by the media and reposted in the media’s social, newsletters, etc.

We retroplan the most suitable actions for each step of the project, and every aspect of it is advised in a way to suit the media demands (video, remix, teaser, minimix...). We also suggest digital strategies in community managementand overall visibility.

Thanks to well-defined strategies, Phunk deals with the e-reputation of its projects respecting their specificities in a long term basis, from the initial buzz point.

► Press

France : 1000 contacts

If we have emerged as one of the reference musical promotion agencies in France, it is partly due to some regularly impacting and visible results in the press area.

From Air to Uffie, through Justice or MGMT, we have contributed to the major exposure of numerous artists in the main French press media.

Thanks to a daily update of our database and a continuous prospecting to get in touch with new media, we are targeting the most relevant contacts adapted to each project.

Specialized musical magazines, regional and national daily papers, culture, fashion, news magazines, women’s and youth press… It is all about targeting among our extensive database. Targets listing are always customized to match the projects contents and aesthetics.

Following French gigs and tours and setting up promo diaries are daily activities to support an artist’s presence in France.

A weekly report is sent over to the client, including scans of printed articles.

► Radios

France : 400 contacts

We are committed to reach the key networks of national radio stations, including Radio France (France Inter, France Culture, France Musique, Le Mouv, Fip), Nova, Oui FM, Europe 1, Virgin Radio and all YACAST-related stations (including all major national and local players, weekly scanned with a detailed statistics panel). We also dig deeper through local radio networks : mainly students and targeted associative.

With a daily media and database-watch to always be in touch with the right representative from the stations.

This translates into regular playlists or targeted ‘manual’ plays, targeted shows ; , but also, depending on the artists’ availability, interviews or live sessions. We can also operate special marketing actions and listener’s contests, at a local and national scale.

► TV

France : 250 contacts

Despite fewer space devoted to music these days, television remains an excellent opportunity of visibility and relevant exposure in certain cases,. We have maintained a close relationship with the French TV business and its actors, (journalists, producers, columnists) which allows us to introduce the projects from different perspectives. Interviews, reviews, appearance on the news, live or unplugged sessions, and video-clips diffusion on music channels, are among the possibilities.
We follow carefully the ever-evolving formats (hertzian, cable, TNT etc) and programs to always be where it’s at in terms of content.

► DJs

Our DJs database, which is constantly being updated, counts with 1300 French and international artists, representing all the key families of electronic music around the globe, as selected by us. Besides the clubs, parties and festivals, they can be spotted in radio shows and online charts, or VIP events related to fashion, arts and the luxury market. Each campaign counts with a unique selection of targets adapted to the project's musical content, according to its aesthetic and cultural specificities.

We have recently developed a digital mailing service adapted to the needs and habits of the DJs : no time consuming, direct listening and downloading from the email, traceability, less pain, more game.

► Consulting

Now more than ever, to reach a specific media or trendsetting public community, a campain must be coordinated with precision from start to achievement, including each step’s content and timing. Based on our 15+ experience of the medias, their evolution and their expectations, Phunk can provide counsel on each step of a given project to make it more fluid and relevant to reach the expected visibility and reputation.

This includes events programming (parties, festivals, private showcases), projects conception and realization, A&R, image setting and shaping.

Clients : Red Bull Music Academy (France), digital campain for Cartier Love (France), Festival Aquaplaning (Hyères, France), Soirées Phunk Cirkus (Paris Bataclan), Ritz Bar, Electronic Village au MIDEM

► Sound-design

Since 2008, Phunk provides a bimonthly playlist to Air France’s long-haul flights. In 2012 we have developped this sound-design activity by providing in-store music to Orange (France) and to the famous Drugstore Publicis on Champs-Elysees (Paris), with more to come.

Our playlist are built within a database of thousands of references, following specific requests if needed, and largely exceeding the ‘electronic music’ field. We are dedicated to follow the project or brand’s particular values, environment and DNA, and render it through an appropriate musical selection.